Is it possible to order product pricelist?

"Pricelist is always calculated individually, based on the ordered amount.”

In case that we have our own moulds, is it possible for you to calculate prices for moulded products?

 "Of course, requested calculations are done within three working days. Calculations depend on hourly rate of relevant technology, on type of material and on the volume of production. If you find our offer interesting, personal meeting will follow.”

Can JE Plast s.r.o. also arrange moulds for new products?

"Sure, we provide this service to our customers.”

Is it possible to order the produced goods to be delivered?

"Of course, it always depends on individual agreement with customer. We deliver products to most of our customers; however some customers prefer to pick it up personally.”

When I become your customer, is it possible to receive a certificate of material from which was the product produced?

"Material certificate is always part of the product delivery.”

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call us or to contact us through our enquiry form.